Listing Application
Update time:2019-12-03 15:22:56

If you have relevant online digital asset requirements, please complete the listing application form according to the following link:

After filling out, please contact the person in charge of business: candy919qin (WeChat)

Application and Description

In order to protect investors' rights and interests, improve the efficiency of the project party's currency exchange and promote the healthy development of the industry's ecology, Bituan will evaluate the digital asset team applying for online transactions in various aspects, and decide whether to provide transaction services for them based on the evaluation results.

Evaluation reference standards:

-Does the team have strong technical support to meet professional standards in the industry?

-Whether the project can truly and timely disclose project information including project white papers, regular development and progress reports;

-The team's ability in community operations and the quality of subsequent publicity work;

-Does the project team truly disclose important project information such as project progress;

-Whether the project team has technical support and community maintenance;

-Other requirements related to the launch of digital asset trading services on the three-party trading platform.

What you need to evaluate:

-Project name, basic introduction, team composition and core team contact information;

-The project's official website and PDF format white paper files and links to white paper addresses;

-The progress of the project ICO (if completed, the distribution of a large number of holding users)

-Relevant legal explanations and other materials that help complete the online launch of digital assets.

Description of rights reserved and offline digital assets:

Bituan has the right of final interpretation on the Application and Explanation of New Coin Listing.

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, when the digital assets that the project team goes online include but are not limited to the following types of situations, the platform will consider announcing its offline trading services:

-The project team has major legal issues and critical information disclosure deviations;

-The project team is disbanded or encounters major security issues and BUGs cannot be resolved immediately;

-Suddenly a hard fork without reporting to the platform in advance has damaged investor interests;

-Since the launch, there has been no trading volume for a week or less than USD 10,000 on the 15th day in a natural month.

For offline digital assets, the platform will announce in advance within 5-7 days in advance. From the time of announcement, investors can propose digital assets within 30 days.