Issues such as safety certification
Update time:2019-11-20 14:32:25

1. How to modify the registered mobile phone number?

If your old mobile phone number is not lost, you can directly log in to the personal center of the official website to modify it directly; if you lose your old mobile phone number, please contact the online customer service and review your personal information in time to modify it.

2. How do I close Google?

If the Google verification code and original verification code are still available, please log in to your account and click Personal Center-Security Settings-Close Google.

3. What should I do if I lose my mobile phone or delete the Google verification code by mistake?

Please provide the front and back of the ID photo to the customer service, and we will process it as soon as possible.

4. Forgot login password

Click the "Forgot or Not Set Login Password" button on the login page to reset.

5. Can't receive SMS verification code

Please check:

a. Check the phone reception status

b. The phone does not shut down for a long time, restart after shutdown

c. If you have dual cards and dual standby, replace the two mobile phone cards

d. Inbox is full, delete some text messages

e. Check if the mobile phone blocking software is blocked

6. I can't receive the verification code in my mailbox

Please check if there is a mobile phone in the account. If there is a mobile phone, the verification code will be sent in the form of SMS first.

Check the spam mailbox to see if it is blocked, or switch browsers to get it again.